The "Guild of Brewer Dwarves" was born from an idea of two friends, Angelo and Daniele, who founded the company and designed the brand in November 2013. Pushed by a strong shared passion for artisan beer, the two partners decided to turn their "common love" into a business venture. Although starting from different work experiences (Angelo is a computer scientist and Daniele works in the catering business), they had already taken their first steps in the brewing field: Angelo is an home brewer, and Daniele is managing one of Pisa's historical pubs. The two partners shared the common objective of building a company based on some essential points: desire for creativity, attention to detail, supply of quality equipment and raw materials, strict control on the brewing process and best adherence to its requirements (preparation and maturation times, fermentation and finishing temperatures). That's the perfect harmony of "ingredients" we started from to make our move to the brewing field. Our mission is brewing and offering beers that mirror our promises: made with love and conveying deep emotions. Our brand name, the "Guild of Brewer Dwarves", is born from an idea inspired by the Fantasy World, one of Angelo's great passions. Dwarves live in an imaginary universe – arising from fantasy literature (Tolkien, Markus Heitz, etc.), role games (Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft), and 3D war games. They are a proud race of tireless miners and builders, and above all great brewers and beer drinkers. Dwarves' society is organized in guilds, or associations of artisans and merchants, such as carpenters, engineers, goldsmiths, and above all brewers. Each stronghold, clan, or community has is own brew master: dwarves consider brewery more than an art. Beer is much more than a drink: it is an essential element of their diet, so nourishing that you can survive by only drinking it for weeks. The brewery name was born spontaneously: the "Guild of Brewer Dwarves" couldn't have been more fitting.

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