Argentina Craft Beers

Although Argentina is well known for Malbec wine and Quilmes beer, craft beer is also gaining popularity across the country. If you plan to travel to Argentina, make sure that you sample the many craft beers available. One of the popular Argentina craft beers is Antares. The first Antares microbrewery was established in 1994 in Mar del Plata. This brewery now produces more than fifteen varieties of beers. It uses traditional methods when producing its beers to preserve their quality. The other craft beer names that are well known, especially in Ushuaia are Beagle and Cape Horn. Ushuaia is a port town, which is situated on the Beagle Channel’s shores. Beagle and Cape Horn beers are brewed in Ushuaia by Cerveceria Beagle. This brewery utilizes the traditional German beer making process. This involves the use of malt, water from the glacier, yeast and hops. No chemicals or preservatives are added to the beers. The other successful craft beer is produced by the Berlina brewery in Bariloche. It produces more than twenty kinds of beer. Argentina craft beers are considered to be appealing by both the seasoned beer aficionados and those who originally preferred wine.

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