California craft beer

Craft beers are the beers made by small, traditional and independent brewers. These brewers usually produce less than two million barrels of beer per year. Less than twenty five percent of a craft brewery is controlled or owned by an alcoholic industry member who is not a craft brewer. It is safe to say that the craft beer movement in California is booming. It has reached every part of this state. Even the serious wine producing regions like the Napa Valley now have many craft beer microbreweries. Cities like San Diego have become synonymous with great California craft beer. California leads the country’s craft brewing industry. The California Crafts Brewers Association reports that this state produces more craft beer annually than any other state. The craft brewing industry is integral to the economy of this state. Most of the state’s craft breweries are situated in rural communities. There are more than four hundred craft breweries operating in California today. They produce many different types of craft beer. An example is the Stone Ruination IPA. This beer has overwhelming hoppiness. This can turn to be your favorite craft beer if you like hops. The other popular style of California craft beer is the Bear Republic Racer 5. This beer is full bodied, hoppy and has a big citrus taste that emphasizes of grapefruit and tangerine. Craft beers offer a rich taste and higher alcohol content.

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