Craft breweries

It seems like craft breweries are popping up everywhere these days. It’s a fact that beer drinkers just love craft beer, but did you know that there are now 2,400 craft breweries in the U.S.? That’s a lotta beer! And, these fairly small artisan brewers are perhaps best-known for their porters and India pale ales. These are not your average Budweiser-type beers. Even President Obama has his own craft beer and the White House Press Secretary was actually asked whether the Prez would be divulging his secret recipe. The recipes were, in fact, published just a few days after that press conference last summer. They are for the White House Honey Porter and the White House Honey Ale. That makes these ales the only alcohol to be made in the White House since Thomas Jefferson made his own wine and good old George Washington brewed his own craft beer before him. So, it definitely appears that craft breweries are in, and now they're even spreading to parts of the country where they were never popular before. In fact, craft breweries are rapidly spreading to areas that have long been known as the final frontier for craft beer, namely all states that are not in the Northeast or on the west coast. Now craft beer fans can get their fave beverage in the Southwest and the deep South and, well, just about everywhere in the country. And, believe it or not, craft beers make up a whopping 30 percent of the total beer sold at Costco nationwide. So, raise your glass to craft beer and all those who love it. You're in good company!

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