Craft Breweries Generation

Wine has long been the drink of choice for Generation X and the Baby Boomers. Millennials, however, are a different set: they prefer to drink craft beer much more than wine and spirits. Not just any beer piques the interest of Millennials, they specifically demand beer from craft breweries. The craft brewing industry has been around long before this generation of beer lovers, but it took a backseat once beers from global conglomerates took over store shelves and became the norm. Millennials, however, want something that not only tastes good but is local, sustainable, and a bit more sophisticated than a Bud Light or Coors. Because of this generation's tendency to support independent businesses that sell high quality goods, it's no wonder that Millennials have such a strong preference for craft beer. Another key reason that products made by craft breweries are preferred by Millennials is they tend to be more adventurous and seek out what's unconventional. Drinking craft beer wasn't the norm for years before this generation became interested in it and revived its popularity. They want to experience a different range of tastes, especially seasonal products from their local area, which is why the Millennials' love for craft beer won't fade anytime soon.

Craft Breweries Generation 07/05/2016 07:02:34
We are like to live this breweries generation....Cheers folks