Home brewing

Home brewing is a great hobby, and many people are interested in it for various reasons. One of these reasons is that it is not necessary to make a large initial investment to brew beer at home. You can begin making beer at home with an investment of as little as seventy five dollars. Another reason for the popularity of home made beer is the satisfaction that comes with knowing that the people sharing the beer are enjoying drinking something that was made at home. When brewing beer at home, one has control over the ingredients to use. Home brewing is also popular because it is a self sustaining method of beer production. The containers used to serve the beer can be reused as many times as possible. The ingredients used to brew beer at home are also all natural. Making beer at home is also straightforward. There are many books containing hundreds of beer brewing recipes. This allows home brewing enthusiasts to make beer from around the world. When choosing a home brewing method (beer kit, all grain etc.) you’re really deciding on your approach to the wort. You can buy it ready made in a beer kit or make it yourself with all grain or BIAB. Extract brewing offers something in between. Preparing it at home you determine every aspect of the flavour and quality. To achieve this control you’ll need to invest more time on brew day and more money in equipment. At the other end of the scale, beer kits are quick and easy and require little equipment, but are limited in terms of flavour and beer style. Other than wort production, the brewing process is the same for all methods.

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