How to Photograph a Beer

How can I take a professional photo of my beer (bottle, can, glass) without using professional tools? Here we share a simple guide to solve all your problems and in a few seconds you’ll take great beer selfies! - First thing first, flash OFF and natural light only (take a look at Caravaggio paintings. Light was life to and so it is for your beer). - While photographing a beer bottle, for many circumstances, the light doesn’t pass through the bottle. If you stick a cardboard or a tissue on the back of the bottle this problem is solved. Try it! - You just poured your craft beer into the glass and you’re ready to take a picture and share it on favorite social networks. You expected a nice smooth foam but it didn’t happened. What do I do? Be ready to lose that glass of beer and add some salt to it. Within a few seconds you’ll have a creamy foam but not a beer to rate anymore :)! - The best beer bottle or can photos are taken as soon as you take them out the fridge. The change temperature generates a wet look on the bottle and water drops sliding down. That is what you have to look for! Or, mix water and glycerin for a bright polished effect. - There are no doubts you are taking pictures with your phone. For the best shots flip your “camera” for a beautiful deeper background, if any, while your beer is starring. Highly, highly, highly recommended! Keep in mind: - Beer bottle. Cork has to be in the picture and the primary goal of it is to clearly recognize the brand, the beer name, the brewery name and has to be clear whether the beer is a blonde one, amber, dark one or whatever. (see advice above) - Beer can. Usually cans are very colorful and it is recommended to have a clear background. Pour beer into a glass (mandatory!!!) and leave the can sticking to the beer glass for the best shot. - Beer glass. Better if the glass has no brand unless the brand is the one you are drinking. If you are in a pub or a restaurant be ready with the camera in your hands. You do not have much time, as the foam begins to descend quickly. Hurry Up! With some precautions you beer selfie will be as fantastic as the beer taste. So… - Take you beer with you to the backyard, balcony, park or any other place outside. Place the beer on the ground, get on your knees or lying if necessary. Get closer to the beer bottle or can with your camera flipped horizontally; Focus on the beer and you’ll have a blur effect of the background. Just beautiful. Now, open the beer…and drink it! - Place the camera… sorry, your phone :) in front of you at shoulder height (if no one is around) flip it horizontally; Hold the beer (bottle or can) in your hand, fully stretch out your arm with the label facing the camera (2 to 3 feet, less than a meter from the lens). You’ll be the background and the beer the super star as always. 3…2…1… cheeessssee! Now that you know how to take better pictures is time for you to drink the guilty beer while sharing the photo on our Breweries and Beers Fans Facebook Group and on Instagram using #myonlybeercommunity or #myonlybeer tags! Let's see what you've learned. Cheers to Beers! Facebook Page Facebook Group Instagram Page

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