Italian Craft Beers

Italy may not have had an early start in the microbrewing industry, but it has certainly made up for this in recent years. While vineyards and the wine industry have been a large part of Italy's history, it is quickly making way for a new scene of craft beers. The wonderful edge that Italian craft beers have is that they are embracing the vineyard culture and inegrating it with the craft beers. Italian craft beers have spread to a wide variety of rich and unique flavors. Some breweries have teamed up with vineyards and using the grapes in their brewing and fermentation process. The Italian craft brewing has certainly added a creative flair to the world of microbrewing as they have created a number of unique beers many of which are seasonal. By using the seasonal fruits and honey for the craft beers, it adds a wide variety of flavors to be sampled. Along with using grapes, rasberries, and cherries for unique beer flavors, Italy has steered away from the usual wheat sources of most breweries. As it turns out Italian microbreweries pride themselves on using ancient grains and more traditional grains rather than the high yielding crops. This tends to add more authenticity to their beers giving them an edge in the microbrewing world. If you are looking for original craft beer tastes and a wide variety than Italy has what you are looking for.

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