Scottish Craft Beers

The Scottish craft beer scene has really only began to expand in the last few years. Scotland is a large beer consuming country but most of the beers are cask ales or beer on tap. Generally the Scottish beers that are consumed are mass produced beers without any unique brewing. While many Scottish ales and beers are famous in their own right it has only in recent years began to expand into a wider variety of craft beers. In 2007 BrewDog came onto the scene as a craft beer producer and did well for itself. This became a front runner for other micrbrewing companies to step up. Scotland does not produce the majority of it's own hops so most of these microbrewing companies have international hop sources for their products. This produces a challenge for these young microbreweries yet they still continue to add more breweries to the country as time goes on. Scotland is continually expanding it's microbrewing industry yet it is still a small entity compared to the amounts produced by America and Germany. While Scotland is famous for its Scottish Ale, honey beers, and stouts, it is now delving into a variety of dark and light brews and a wide cacophany of other brews. Perhaps in future years it will be able to keep up with other countries' craft beers. Though the microbreweries are expanding the still hold to a variety of Scottish ales which shows a great amount of pride in the history of Scottish brewing.

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