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Craft Beer  - MyOnlyBeer - We have what it takes!

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You knowledge about beers will lead you to become an ambassador. How about been the ambassador of your favorite breweries?


Breweries are booming all around the world. Beside the most popular names, we are sure you have something to suggest. A brewery just down the street, a beer or a location. Just do it!

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Customize your profile, post and share your beery moments and tell everyone how addicted you are to craft beers.


Share your thoughts about beers, a breweries and locations. That's the best way to become a trusted ambassador.

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The community does a big part of your work. They can recommend your products, they can share which event you are attending next and much more. They literally help your business growth... for free!

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The points you earn are at your disposal to set up a free advertising campaign for a week. Reach thousands of new people every day for seven straight days.

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