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ABV - Alcohol by volume
5 %
Coors beer, first introduced by Adolph Coors in April, 1874, is brewed in the Rockies for a uniquely crisp, clean and drinkable \Mile High Taste.\" During World War IIthey spread the word about the beer's taste and quality -- which became known as the \"Coors Mystique.\" Prior to its national expansion in the 1980sCoors' limited distribution left consumers in the eastern U.S. wanting a taste of the Rocky Mountains' finest beer. President Gerald Ford was known to take several cases of Coors on his Air Force One during return trips to the White House. In September 1893Coors competed for the first time at the Chicago World's Fair and won awards for brilliancyflavorchemical analysis and commercial flavor. The award-winning legacy of the brew continues and in recent years Coors beer has won a number of honors at beer festivals."

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