Click the link on the website footer "Suggest Location". The suggestion process involved 3 basic steps for a total time of 30 seconds! Yep, so faster!

Type the name of the location.
Start type the city and wait for suggestions, select the nearest city to the location.
Upload a logo of the structure. A location with logo get more visits then one without an image!
Click continue to go to the next screen!

This simple step it's just to get know who is doing this suggestion.
Nothing change based on what you select.
It's just for future purpose and statistics!
Click netxt to continue!

Here we are!
We have many tools to show the structure you are entering, so if you want be very accurate you can!
With the future "Click to map it!" you can select on the map your coordinates!
Try it, it's very easy. Or skip the next paragraph.

Now it's time for some details that can help our members to reach you.
The same happen with search engines, we will provide, after approvation, your structure to all of our network composed in Search Engines and Social Networks. To get your business ranked in the best way possible!
Every detail will be showed on the structure page!
When you complete the form "Submit" your page!

That's in!
Thanks for use our F.a.q.!
To know what happen after you can click here .
Enjoy our community! Staff!