ABV - Alcohol by volume
5.4 %
Ridgeline Amber stands out as a stellar, complex choice in a sea of over-simplified amber beers available today. A malty, copper-hued treat from start to finish, Ridgeline begins with a distinctive, estery aroma. Followed with a complex, nutty malt flavor true to its Scottish-style heritage, Ridgeline delivers unparalleled character and dimension. A touch of hops rounds out its silky, full body, highlighting Ridgeline’s subtle but engrossing character. Show your friends that you care about their taste buds by turning them on to our imminently balanced and perfectly complex Ridgeline Amber. Of interest to Great Divide historians – Ridgeline originally debuted at the brewery as Great Divide’s first beer, Arapahoe Amber. It was renamed in 2004 to better reflect the Colorado lifestyle that Great Divide’s beers perfectly complement.

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