ABV - Alcohol by volume
5.6 %
What better way to surprise a beer lover than with a fruit beer that tastes like beer? Nine years ago, we began our quest to provide beer lovers with a worthy fruit beer, by rolling out Wild Raspberry Ale. Our mantra is that real fruit makes real beer, so we ferment Wild Raspberry Ale with hundreds of pounds of real red and black raspberries. We steadfastly refuse to fall prey to extracts and cheap syrups. Sure, squirting syrup into a keg of beer and rolling it around on the floor is easy, but the taste is... fake! Over the past nine years, we have stayed true to our commitment to real fruit, no matter what the time, expense, or late season frosts have thrown our way. One year, Mother Nature delivered a late cold snap that was so severe, we had to pre-order 85% of the harvestable U.S. black raspberry crop, just to meet the demand for Wild Raspberry Ale. Our efforts do not go unrewarded – Wild Raspberry Ale is a truly effervescent, ruby red ale that achieves the almost impossible balance between malted barley and tart raspberry fruitiness. Its naturally tart character makes Wild Raspberry the ultimate accompaniment to spicy Mexican food or on its own as a stand-alone session beer.

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