In the small, romantic town of Lohr a.Main there is a long brewing tradition with outstanding brewing specialities! In the place where the historic Lohr brewery once stood, today we find the Keiler brewery, a rustic establishment with a typical atmosphere, which offers its customers, who now come from all over, a wide range of brewing specialties »lick your mustache !« Experience the preparation of Keiler brewing specialties up close in the copper cooking boiler! You will be able to witness the production of our beers, made with care and dedication, directly in the Keiler brewery. In addition to our »Kellerbier«, the naturally cloudy specialty of the Keiler Brauhaus, you will also find seasonal products such as the tasty pale »Helles« and the »Festbier«, the beer from the party beer, which can be enjoyed freshly tapped directly in the brewery.

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