ABV - Alcohol by volume
7 %
France's proudest original beer style was traditionally made by farmers in the beer-loving north of France, near the border with Belgium. Brewed in the colder months of late winter and early spring, it was bottled in wine and champagne bottles, then laid down in cellars to be shared with family and friends in the warm months, when the heat made brewing impossible. The beer had to be strong and hardy enough for cellaring, yet light and refreshing enough to quench a farmer's thirst at the height of the summer.<br /><br />La Choulette is a charming farmhouse brewery whose beers are classics of this French style. The brewery dates back to 1885. Alain and Martine Dhaussy bought it in the 1970's and revived traditional brewing there. This, the brewery's masterpiece, proudly pays homage to Les Sans Culottes - the "trouserless" craftsmen who could not afford uniforms but unflinchingly did the handiwork of the French Revolution. A number of brewers were included in their ranks. <br /><br />It is a golden brew, much esteemed for its rich, enticing champagne-like bouquet, and its rewarding flavor is slightly fruity and delicate, yet deep and fully satisfying.<br /><br />Four-star, world-classic French biere de garde with the classic label.

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