Lovers of Orval's beer bear witness to a fidelity that continues to amaze us. They seem to have influenced their friends to such an extent that this so typical beer is in very high demand. As a result, both stores and taverns are running out of this beer too often and too quickly! The birthplace of "Orval" beer continues to be Orval's Brewery, located within the walls of the monastery of Orval, where Trappist monks live and are the shareholders and manager of the company. The production facilities, completely renovated in the course of the last fifteen years, represent the most modern technologies of brewing science. They are finely tuned for quality and respectful maintenance of the original methods of production which have been in use in this same location for almost eighty years. You often give witness to the value you attach to this place of origin and, given the fact that you do realize that Orval is not an industrial park, there will never be a question of any major developments in the production process.

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