ABV - Alcohol by volume
4.6 %
We’re really proud of where we come from. Our brewery sits in the shadow of the Westway – immortalized in British culture by some of the greatest ever: Blur, The Clash, JG Ballard and ummm… Hugh Grant. At the heart of Portobello Road’s history and identity is the market. A mad mix of antiques, knock offs, amazing record shops and so-so fruit ‘n’ veg stalls. We’d always wanted to do a brew that paid tribute & as soon as we tasted the first batch of Market Porter we knew it would be the one. This blend of six malts, five hops & roasted barley speaks to the diversity that has characterized the Portobello Road for almost a hundred years. Expect coffee & chocolate notes with warming alcohol on the finish - and to go home having spent more than you were planning to!

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