Our Brand Logo is Sun and The Brand Name is Stark. It means Strong, Absolute and Extraordinary. Even in Egyptian Culture, The Sun is considered as God (Ra). STARK BEER STORY We are delighted to introduce our new product STARK Beer, the first Craft Beer which is brewed with 100% Natural Ingredients. No chemicals such as flavor and color enhancers or preservatives are used. Made by traditions of the great European brewers, STARK Beer is brewed by hand using the finest ingredients on the mountains of North Bali. The quality of all STARK Beer products are characterized by the high standards set by the proprietors and all staff at STARK Brewing. STARK BEER STORY cont'd Stark Beer is non-pasteurized, meaning it contains Probiotics that are live micro-organisms that provide a healthy environment in your stomach and can help to neutralize toxic compounds. We stand by our claim that Stark Beer is theNo. 1 premium beer produced in Indonesia. The high quality imported ingredients and the careful brewing process can be noticed with each sip of Stark beer. So bottoms up and cheers, to beer!

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