ABV - Alcohol by volume
12 %
After two years at rest in barrels of Marsala, our Barley Wine is enriched with hints vinous and liqueur, with the typical sweetness of the great Sicilian wine and a surprising smoked known date from catagno wood. (Alc. 12,0% vol) Alcohol in% vol. 12.0 Fermentation: High fermentation and fermentation in the bottle. Raw materials: Barley malt, years of waiting. Serving suggestions: Beer meditation, perfect match with foie gras terrine or bowl, served with the traditional accompaniments of fruit and vegetables into compost; blue cheese, or hard cheese long seasoning, dry pastry. Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C Recommended glass: A large balloon. Availability: Available all year. Formats: 0.375 liter bottles. Shelf life: can age for decades.

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