Edmond Smithwick, son of John Smithwick II, was born in 1800 and like his grandfather brewing and ambition was in his blood. When he was just 27 he bought the brewery back freehold and for the first time the Smithwick family name hung proudly above the door. He proved himself a natural businessman. At a time when breweries were closing all over Ireland he concentrated on discovering new markets. Soon he had built a healthy export trade. Drinkers in England, Scotland and Wales were getting a taste for Smithwick’s brilliant brews and output increased fivefold. Edmond started a tradition of always employing the most skilled people. Expert brewers brought scientific and technical innovations and the result gave Smithwicks beers a quality second to none. He even employed consultant chemists to check both his raw ingredients and the final brew. What was a small almost obscure city brewery was now a business to be reckoned with.

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