Alvinne exists since 2004 and moved in 2011 to a new production facility in Moen, a small village near Kortrijk. The brewery is situated in an industrial building with a long history. The target audience is the passionate beer lover from all over the world. The mission statement is to deliver world class innovative beers, pushing the classical barriers away and this by only making use of malt ingredients, water, hops, yeast and the flavor of used oak barrels. Brewing about 9 different base beers, a clear positioning of the portfolio became necessary, as those nine beers result in many more when oak aged or fruit is added (more info: beers).

The Alvinne team consists out of 3 enthusiastic people: Marc DeKeukeleire (yeast and hygiene management), Davy Spiessens (brewmaster, manager) and Glenn Castelein (barrelmanagment, PR). Marc joined the brewery end of 2009 and brought in his passion and baby: his own cultivated yeast strain, better known as Morpheusyeast.

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