It’s a beautiful thing when men come together to make beer. And at Baguio Craft Brewery, beautiful things happen. Just a stone’s throw away from the former Chaparral along Marcos Highway (a bar whose name is whispered reverentially by those who grew their pinks parts in the ‘80s), you can swill lagers and ales that are the beer-children of Chris Ordas (president or, as his business card states, “Chief Executioner”) and his partners Alexander Basa, Edmark Bustos, Orando Tenorio, Jr., Arnold Miguel and Francis Blanco (whose business card says “Freelance Sperm Donor.” Really. I didn’t comprehend the amount of multi-tasking that happens at a craft brewery). During a visit to their Tasting Room, Chris explained to me how boredom begets brewing, the beauty of strawberry beer, and why you won’t get a craft beer belly. CHRIS ORDAS: When I lived in Canada, I was pretty much bored during the weekends, so I started learning how to brew beer out of my garage. So when I would visit the Philippines on holiday, I noticed that there was a great food and music scene, but there wasn’t much choice in the way of beers. I’ve had a chance to travel and taste a lot of the “real beers” out there. On top of that, I have also studied the German and West Coast style of brewing. And since craft brewing exploded in the States — there are about 4,500 breweries over there — I decided it was about time to bring more beer choices to the Philippines by putting up my own brewery.

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