BastianBirraio is the story of two friends, in-laws, almost brothers, who decide to defy the laws of physics brewing: create beers instantly recognizable, intended for an audience in search of non-trivial tastes, all in small batches (small-batch) and with a distribution practically door-to-door. Born so that - probably - is the smallest brewery in operation in Italy. Since its establishment in 1300 local outside the historic center of Perugia, the two founders Alessandro and Sergio launch their bold challenge to the many handmade ant-industrial breweries. In search of the perfect cooked they have developed their way of brassare. Their "rule." The production follows the rite steps dictated by the expectation and the abundance of raw materials of the highest quality and is able to give to the palate, with a long and pleasant persistence, that smell has already anticipate. Perhaps inspired by the atmosphere Templar that reigns in their facilities, as in the most ancient monasteries, guard jealously the "Rule BastianBirraio", waiting for it to taste to their customers-friends.

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