Big Ditch Brewing Company began with a dream. Matt Kahn and Corey Catalano, two aspiring scientists and beer lovers, were working in a biotech lab in early 2011, and wanted to start a new business for themselves. They used a food-grade bucket-otherwise destined for the trash-as their first fermenter, and they created new and exciting beers right then and there in a garage. Over the next two years, while they were perfecting their craft, they met Wes Froebel, himself a previous co-owner of other breweries, who was also interested in starting a new brewery project. The trio's pursuit of a building to house their brewery intersected with Iskalo Development Corp.'s redevelopment of a former Verizon fleet maintenance facility at Ellicott and Huron Streets in downtown Buffalo. The two groups worked intently for more than a year planning the brewery and tap room, with Paul Iskalo joining the Big Ditch team as its principal investor. Big Ditch opened for business in October of 2014 and is now available at fine establishments throughout Western New York. Their Tap Room opened in the summer of 2015, serving Big Ditch beers alongside fresh food in a fantastic downtown setting. The Erie Canal opened in 1825, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Hudson River. When the plan for the Canal was presented, skeptics never thought it would materialize. They jokingly referred to it as "Clinton's Big Ditch" after the New York State governor who championed the project. But when it was filled with water, the Big Ditch changed Buffalo forever and The Big Ditch remains a part of us today. We still embody the spirit of the men that built the Canal with their bare hands. As with the prosperity that followed the completion of the Canal, Buffalo today is a city reborn. And those who are shaping the next 100 years of prosperity are the ones we brew Big Ditch beer for - a beer that celebrates our roots and serves as a reminder that the Buffalo of the future is being built with the same strength, pride and ambition that created the Erie Canal nearly two centuries ago. Made from the best ingredients available, and crafted with just the right balance of art and science, Big Ditch beers are innovative, flavorful and after glass.

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