The world of Italian craft beer has also experienced very different phases: the pioneering phase, that of contamination with local products, that of production expansion and finally that of production standardization. Birra Amiata was born in Arcidosso (GR) on Monte Amiata in 2006 and has gone through all these phases producing for itself and for third parties. With the exponential increase in breweries, both the third party account and the internal market have decreased. The drastic reduction in margins due to the lack of local direct sales and the arrival of Covid-19 led Birra Amiata to start a co-production logic and to dispose of its production unit which was unable to guarantee the average quality standards of the other breweries. So there remains the desire to search for the raw materials (barley, new hops, yeasts) most suitable for their beers and to keep up with both technological and stylistic innovations, but then the production, although followed in every phase by Birra Amiata, is entrusted to breweries able to guarantee very high quality standards. It was therefore possible to guarantee continuity with a constantly increasing quality perceived by the customer. As proof of this continuity, the third medal for the “Gose” style arrived at Marsilia in the 2021 edition of the Brussel Beer Challenge. Today Birra Amiata is a brand that inspires trust and reliability. 

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