Aged Beer

Aged Beers are any range or color from very light to black. Aged Beers are any beer aged for over one year. A brewer may brew any type of beer of any strength and enhance its character with extended and creative aging conditions. Generally, but not exclusively, beers with high hopping rates, roast malt content, high alcohol content, and/or complex herbal, smoke or fruit content lend themselves to aging. Beers which are wood aged, or exhibit Brettanomyces characters or sour/acidic beers should be classified or entered into other categories if those options are available. Beers in this category may be aged in bottles or any type of food grade vessel. Aged character may manifest itself in mouthfeel, aroma and flavor. Often aged character is an expression of oxidative reactions that either bring individual extreme characters into harmony or are characters unique unto themselves. Sherry, fruity and hop transitions are common during aging. No matter what the effect, the overall balance should be balanced, harmonic and not extreme or distastefully aggressive. The level of changes created by aging will vary with different types of beer types. Lighter flavored beer types may often manifest aggressive and distasteful oxidation. Whereas higher elevations of hops, malt or alcohol can help create synergies with �good� oxidative change. Body is variable with style. A statement provided by the brewer which identifies the classic or other style of beer being aged, achieved character, special ingredients, length of aging time, etc. is essential for accurate assessment at competitions.
IBU (International Bitterness Unit)