To produce with traditional methods of beer quality and uncompromising, that is full, non-pasteurized, love and imagination alone are not enough, need a strong bond with the land, an obsessive attention to choose and verify the provenance of the ingredients, serving skills, experience, advanced equipment and strict production processes and controlled. This is the production philosophy that allows us to turn our good intentions into high-quality production, may vary over time and free of defects. The choice of raw materials such as water, hops and yeast, is a key part of this philosophy. In fact, the selection is done with painstaking care with the utmost attention to the production chain following its development over time and following each use of everyday ingredients. And the barley malt? Do not we have forgotten, it deserves a separate chapter. The malts we use come from Italian crops and checked and certified European, but at least 70% barley comes directly from our plantations Maccarese and Vejo Park. We are very proud of this achievement, which allows us to control the entire production cycle, transforming from a small firm in agricultural handicraft company . All this in addition to offer higher quality and traceability the supply chain, transforms our products in 100% carbon neutral. In short beers made with the heart but also with all the sacred chrism.

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