Our Brewery is located in Blaringhem, a small village on the border between old Flemish County and the Artesian one. We are proud of our roots and we like to highlight them. And which product can best illustrate the friendship and conviviality of people from the North of France: beer of course ! This is one of the reasons why all of our raw materials come from surrounding areas. Our site has a long history. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20 th century, the place where the brewery is located , was a large distillery. The 2 world wars ended the business of this industry but today, our brewery is really proud to give these walls a new soul. The production line also has a great history. As a matter of fact, our brewery tanks were firstly implemented in a Canadian micro brewery. Then, they were imported to Lorraine by a French brewer. Since the production line was taken over in 2008, Olivier and Mathieu have added some other tanks and tools to improve the capacity and the quality of their beers. We wish you a nice visit and do not forget: ours beers should be drunk in moderation . If you are interested in visiting our brewery, just contact us.

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