Cerveceria del Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley Brewing) is comprised mostly of four friends, Alex Ball, Joe Giammatteo, Juan Mayorga, and Louisa de Heer. Our project began as an idea in 2007, when Joe, Juan, and Louisa took a road trip from Eugene, OR to Vancouver, BC. The idea then was a restaurant, brewpub, and music venue somewhere in the northwest, in order to satisfy our collective passions. Around the same time, Juan met Alex through his job in service tourism. After a few years working in Peru, Alex started a non-profit dedicated to girl’s education in the Sacred Valley, and was contemplating a small brewery as a way to support it. Between then and now, Juan moved back to his native Peru, Joe went on to get a degree in Brewing Science and Engineering from the American Brewer’s Guild, and he and Louisa settled in Eugene, OR. Despite the geographic separation, the idea lived on, and the craft beer scene was just getting off the ground in South America. Juan joined Alex’s non-profit, and signed on to co-found the first brewery in the Sacred Valley. That brought Joe down in 2012 to help scout locations and consult on the specifics, and he was proposed to move to Peru permanently as the brewer. Joe and Louisa arrived in Peru in December, 2013. The team had just bought some beautiful land in Pachar, Sacred Valley, and we broke ground on our future brewery. Together, the four of us have decided on each window and door location, each step of plumbing and electricity, and overcome each obstacle of a brand new industry in a(n increasing less) rural part of the Andes. After just over 7 months since we opened, we are fulfilling our dream to have a small, well-respected craft brewery that also supports our surrounding community. We focus on creating interesting, high-quality beer, localizing our ingredients, and introducing craft beer and its philosophy to the Peruvian market.

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