Owner Ken Anthony has been a craft beer lover since the mid-1980's. Every Friday his dad would buy a pizza from the neighborhood pizzeria and a six pack of Anchor Steam. At the end of the meal, Ken's dad would give him the last sip or two of his beer. Ken had stolen a few sips of beer from kegs at picnic events, so he knew the difference between craft beer and the domestic beer that had dominated the market for decades. This discretion and preference for craft beer followed him into his adulthood.

Ken's next door neighbors in Suite B were Rocky and Derek. They ran a small wood and metal fabrication shop. They were instrumental in getting the brewery taproom built. The entire bar was fabricated in their shop, among many other things. Countless odd tasks were completed with the help of Rocky and Derek. Their talent, expertise and unbelievable generosity was ultimately what made it possible to open the taproom by the end of 2013.

Device beers are now distributed throughout Northern California from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, and Bakersfield to Chico in more than 1,000 retail accounts. Ken and Melissa are opening ICE Blocks Midtown Taproom in May 2018 and plan to open the Pocket/Greenhaven Taproom by the end of 2018.

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