In 1984, Dick, a man who never could sit still, poured his passion and interest into home brewing. He built, from scratch, a 3 bbl. brew house — which we still use today as our pilot system — to start designing and creating recipes in the back of the deli. His beer was so popular that he quickly found himself exceeding the annual production limit for home brewers. In 1992, Dick decided it was time to make his hobby a business! Dick’s Brewing Company became a reality in 1994. Dick quickly realized he would need more space for his growing side project and built a brewery/warehouse adjacent to his deli. Dick would brew once a week and initially focused on Dick Danger, Pale Ale and Lava Rock Porter. Dick Danger is still our best selling beer, to date! The brewery was located behind the deli from 1995 to 2008. Production and distribution grew from 200 bbls. in one state to over 3000 bbls. a year in 6 states. Dick’s creative passion for brewing also grew, starting with three recipes in 1994 to over twenty styles in 2009.

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