On July 15, 1890, The heads of four brewing powerhouses, Orth Brewing Company, The Heinrich Brewing Association, F.D. Norenberg Brewery and Malt House and Germania Brewing Association, consolidated to form the Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Company. With the formation of the new company, primary headquarters was at the Orth Brewery, although beer continued to be produced at the Heinrich and Germania plants as well. For the company to be competitive, however, it was realized that production needed to be consolidated in one high-volume facility to produce at least 150,000 barrels a year.

Grain Belt has had a resurgence once again and stands as mainstay in the Midwest market. In 2010, Schell's released its first brand extension of the Grain Belt label, introducing Grain Belt Nordeast. This beer pays homage to the neighborhoods in northeast Minneapolis that still stand in the shadows of the original brewery. Just this year, the brand's packaging got a new facelift, bringing back the retro style 50s labels and advertising. The brand continues to prosper, with consumers of all ages asking for "The Friendly Beer."

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