Belgian Style Pale Strong Ale

Belgian Style Pale Strong Ales are pale to copper. Chill haze is allowable at cold temperatures. Hop aroma is medium-low to medium-high. Malt character intensity should be low to medium, often surviving along with a complex fruitiness. Hop flavor is medium-low to medium-high. Hop bitterness is medium-low to medium-high. These beers are often brewed with light colored Belgian �candy� sugar. Very little or no diacetyl should be perceived. Herbs and spices are sometimes used to delicately flavor these strong ales. Low levels of yeast-derived phenolic spiciness may also be perceived. Body is very low to medium. These beers can be malty in overall impression or dry and highly attenuated. They can have a perceptively deceiving high alcoholic character. They can have relatively light body for beers of this alcoholic strength. Some versions may be equally high in alcohol yet more medium in body.
IBU (International Bitterness Unit)
Abv (Alcohol By Volume)
SRM (Standard Reference Method)