The Birrificio I Peuceti, proudly the first artisan brewery in the town of Bitonto, takes Peuceti, one of the populations of the Iapigi, who lived the land of Bari before the arrival of the Romans. By linking with land, history and local traditions, Birrificio I Peuceti, proposes, with its productions, the values ​​of innovation, quality, consumer orientation, respect for the environment, legality and sustainable development. The Birrerie I Peuceti, in a constantly evolving national context, presents itself with its brand of new sensory emotions, based on taste, smell, and sight. The main line of beers offers a trip to the land of Bari and the Apulian territory. The first of these beers is the Cathedral Beer: tribute to the symbol of our land. It is a Golden Ale style beer produced with hops East Kent Goldings to give it the peculiarities of a typical English Pale Ale beer. The second is Baresana Beer, which represents the gateway to the varied world of artisan beers. It is a Belgian Ale style light beer with fruity aromas and spiced with malted flavor and not too sparkling. The third is the Levant Beer, named after the wind that winds mostly to the dawn and lays the Apulian coasts, bringing with it the fragrances of the East. This beer is American-style. It is an amber, intriguing and inebriating beer with floral, fruity and citrus scents that are gently supported by the taste of caramelized malt. Lastly, we have the last born of Murgian Beer. Its name is linked to the Apulian karst plateau, inspired by its colors, scents and essences. This beer is in Apulian Saison style. Of orange, veined and persistent foam. It has spicy, citrus and floral aromas. It is produced with "organic" malts from Apulia, spices and local citrus. This beer was recently rewarded with the Golosario Prize as the best beer of the international Vinitaly 2014 international fair that takes place annually in Verona.  Other new beers will be presented in 2015 both in the main line and in the one shot and experimental ones. The labels were made by the artist Pugliese Francesco Ferrulli, who featured a few glimpses of the landscapes and the culture of Baja with his own personal pictorial style. In this way, each bottle is a small work of art, confirming the uniqueness and originality of the artisan product it contains.

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