The story of Jopen <br/><br/> The story starts in the fourteenth century as Haarlem expands to become one of the most significant beer brewing cities in the Netherlands. Breweries are working all-out and beer is being freighted across the Spaarne River in 'Jopen' (112 litre barrels). The beer is of very high quality and is even drunk abroad. However, this glory does not endure and the last brewery in Haarlem closes its doors in 1916. <br/><br/> The start... <br/><br/> We skip forward in time to the 1990's. Preparations for festivities celebrating 750 years of Haarlem's existence are in full swing. The Haarlem Beer Society submits a plan aimed at the recovery of Haarlem's brewing tradition. Recipes from 1407 and 1501 are found and the beer is brewed. And... the resulting beers are a pleasure to drink. On 11 November 1994, the celebratory year is heralded with the younger beer, called Hoppen. This is the start of Jopen! <br/><br/> Brewing tradition restored <br/><br/> Thanks to this overwhelming success, the adventure continues. In November 2010, Haarlem's brewing tradition is restored with the opening of the Jopenkerk. The historic Jacobskerk in the Raaks area is transformed into a fully operational brewery, grand café and restaurant. Haarlem is back on the map as a beer brewing city. <br/><br/> Superior specialist beers <br/><br/> Today, tradition and innovation meet at Jopen. Top-quality specialist beers are produced with passion and the utmost care, making good use of the latest technology and the best ingredients. The result is a range of old and modern classics made according to age-old recipes. These beers are distinct, authentic and full of flavour. Every beer tells a very special story, and that is evident in the taste. And the many national and international awards won by Jopen beers are the ultimate proof. <br/><br/> Jopen on the map <br/><br/> Jopen is ready for the future. The brewery has undergone major expansion over the years and the brand is no longer solely available in Haarlem. Jopen is also drunk far beyond the city limits and the nation's borders. This quality beer is conquering the world. <br/><br/> Jopen, from local beer to world-class beer. <br/><br/> Cheers!

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