Chronicles that narrate the mythological semi-divine Asclepius was very well liked by the Greeks as his staff with the snake coiled had healing powers, so that would over time become a symbol of medicine and knowledge. But his staff - you wonder - what happened? In time and space vague wandering, only to end up one day in that Senarica, collected by four "malt knights" who immediately sensed the potential. Luigi, Tonino, Loreto and Alfredo have long known about the ancient healing properties of beer and the beneficial contribution of the nutrients contained therein. Not only vitamins, minerals and phenols by the strong antioxidant power, but also the awareness that the beer, especially the artisanal (unfiltered and unpasteurized), has all the characteristics of "live" product, capable of harmoniously interact with our metabolism physical and metaphysical. In a modern world where humans consume chemically altered foods and full of preservatives, the purity of craft beer can really embody today's healing potion. This is the new Asclepius, today: a snake coiled around the mug of beer rather than stick to the mythological. The official birth of the brewery takes place in March 2013, but already in 2012 the first experimental cooked were had. Luigi Recchiuti, Tonino Ventilii, Loreto Lamolinara and Alfredo decide in June of an old confetturificio Senarica to transform laboratory, exploiting the Source close Mercurio that ensures constant pure water with low hardness and scale poverty, ideal for creating beers by a "clean" it is light.

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