Brasserie Lefebvre has a long history of brewing in Belgium which we are proud to import to you today. It all began in 1876, Jules Lefebvre, gamekeeper, farmer, inn keeper and brewer, inaugurated his new brewery. Pubs were opened around the neighboring quarries so that the numerous workmen, made thirsty by stone working, could come to refresh themselves. The brewery was modernized in 1921 by Gaston Lefebvre with the bottling of beer that widened the range of beer conditioning, which was until that time, was only packaged in 30, 50 and 100 litre barrels. Thoughout the mid 1900's new generations kept the family traditions in place. The brewery didn't begin exporting until 1980 and since that time there have been many innovative additions to the product line. Most notably in the late 80's and 90's Brasserie Lefebvre brought the addition of your well known favorites, Blanche de Bruxelles and Barbar. After six generations, there is still a youthful determination and family spirit present in the brewery. It is constantly expanding and mainly works on the export market which accounts for 80% of overall production.

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