Craft beer became part of our lives many years ago and it was immediately love at first sight. Right from the first trials, the goal has always been to introduce into the Italian and non-Italian market a product not only of quality and level but a product made above all with love and passion, ingredients that we consider essential for the creation of a good beer, with an eye to sustainability. Nothing is left to chance, each ingredient is chosen with care and attention, rigorously controlled and used with respect in the production phase. We have worked and continue to do so so that our Brewery is a fully sustainable company! In fact, our production waste is not transformed into waste, but is reintroduced into nature as feed for a small local farm. The electricity we use is obtained from 100% renewable sources and produced by a photovoltaic system. We love our job, craft beer, the environment and we love to dream big… and this is how Liquida – Independent Brewery was born.

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