Eureka moments can strike at any time, anywhere. It struck me in 2010 when I realised my passion for fine ales was in fact a signpost to forging a new career. I had found myself at a career crossroad and was thinking of developing a deli. But then I attended a course on the fine art of brewing and my eureka moment struck. I realised this was the path I wished to follow. In autumn 2011, Moncada Brewery was launched with the aim of creating outstanding traditionally crafted ales using only the finest raw ingredients sourced as much as possible locally. Having settled in West London after leaving my native Argentina in 2001, I wanted to establish my brewery in the area. The location of our premises around the corner from Portobello Road lies behind the choice of Notting Hill as the name for our range of beers. At the moment, we produce craft ales to suit all tastes; Blonde, Amber, Summer, Porter, Ruby Rye and Stout. Sold in bottles, kegs and casks in pubs in and around London, you can also find them in local bars, shops, delis and restaurants. Click here to find the route to Notting Hill (beer that is). I know that most of the recycling of our brews will be done by you but we would also like you to know that the spent cereal goes to our favourite farmer at the local farmer’s market, the hops are composted at a local wildlife garden, and part of the beer yeast often goes to a local baker for use in puffing up breads.

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