The idea and vision behind Nine Dragons Brewery comes from a passion for craft beer, curiosity in all things different, and quite simply fascination with the international yet local and above all food crazy nature of Hong Kong. There just has to be great craft beer here to match that kind of mixture, and Nine Dragons aims to contribute it’s share of brews to a city that should without doubt become a hub of craft beer in Asia. Since the quest for a brewery location is still ongoing, we found a Brewery in Germany in early 2014 that was willing to let us brew our beers and so that the start of the production of Nine Dragons Beers could begin. This approach allows us to brew the beers first hand while in Germany and create the recipes we like. Furthermore, there is always full control over the finished product. Like in the old days of maritime trade, the beer will spend one month on a ship in order to get to Hong Kong, but it is doing so in a refrigerated container, thus guaranteeing its arrival here in best condition. And there's possibly also something good to be said about a slightly longer maturation on board while the beer is being gently moved over the ocean. Once in Hong Kong, Nine Dragons Beer is handled and distributed by our trusted and competent partners who make sure that it gets to the passionate beer drinker on time and in excellent condition.

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