R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery grew out of the idea that beer is an agricultural product and should be enjoyed by beer drinkers as such. Our founder and brewer, R.S., believes that in order to truly appreciate the beverage in your pint glass, you need to see, feel and smell the ingredients that go into it. So, R.S. decreed that the only appropriate place to brew his fine ales was in farm country. R.S. set out to build the most beautiful farm brewery in America in what is arguably one of the most beautiful farm counties in America. And now we have expanded to include another tap room serving our delicious ales in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York. <br/><Br> Misty Bleu Farm, located in the Town of Hebron, Washington County, New York, was acquired by the Taylor Family in 2011. After many restless years in the suburbs, R.S. longed to decamp to the countryside, bringing his clan and his entrepreneurial spirit with him. The Misty Bleu Farm property consists of 50 acres of fields, hardwood stands, protected wetlands and 600 feet of cascades on Taylor Creek, which ultimately finds its way to the legendary Battenkill. With the construction of the main house, cottage and tap room in 2015, R.S.'s vision of a pastoral homestead for his family is now complete and ready to be shared with you. <br/><Br> As far back as the 1760's, this farm was a commercial piece of land. The remnants of an old sawmill and dam can still be seen today on the property. Historical records indicate that the sawmill was operational from the 1760's till about the turn of the 20th century. Lumber sawed at this mill was used for several local historical homes that are still standing today. It was rumored that the mill was then used for processing starch from locally-grown potatoes, and that starch was then sent to Troy to be used in the shirt and collar factories. By the beginning of the 1900's the land had fallen solely into agricultural use. The Braymer family owned this land as part of a larger farm of over 170 acres from 1938 until 1962. After the Braymers' ownership, the land passed through many hands until it was acquired by the Taylor family and resurrected for rural commercial use. <br/><Br> Three generations of Taylors live, farm hops, brew and cook at Misty Bleu Farm.

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