ABV - Alcohol by volume
5 %
Matured dark ruby coloured unfiltered. A cross between Flemish Red Ale and Dunkelweizen. Dunkelweizen is the darker version of a white wheat beer, most often brewed in Bavaria. Our dunkelweizen also incorporates the most characteristic properties of a so called Flemish (Belgian) red ale. That is a very typical acidic fruity dark ale only produced in Belgium. The most famous Flanders Red Ale called Rodenbach is not available in Indonesia. The darker colour comes from specialty malts that are used for the brewing of the unique beer style. Crisp, lean, matured, goodness with malty, roasted, chocolate, caramel toffee, tart cherries, blueberries, blackberries, hibiscus flower and raspberries notes. Lightened and adjusted to the hot tropical climate for more refreshment. Very strongly recommended serving temperature is : 12 C (10-15 C) . The optimal serving is extremely important in the case of more aromatic dark beers. Recommended meat : spicy meals, saucy seasoned "pedas" food.

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