ABV - Alcohol by volume
5 %
Belgian style witbier created for the Tropics. Wheat beer is real specialty concerning its history, composition, appearance and serving. Wheat beer has 3 styles in the world: Berliner German, Bavarian German and Belgian. Both of them contain high amount of wheat that is the grain used most usually for bread baking. Additionally Belgian style wheat beer contains special spices usually like curacao and coriander seeds. Belgian wheat beers are also called White Beer (Witbier in Dutch, Biere Blanche in French). They also show hints of sourness, that is a feature characteristic for this style. Witbier is a very old style of beer first produced more than 500 years ago in the territory of what is Belgium today. Than it was gradually forgotten during the later centuries but had it's new revival after the 1960's when the Hoegaarden Brewery opened again and started to produce this ancient type of beer according to the old traditions. Now there are very many witbier brands again. The style is very popular because of its easy light qualities. Even most people who don't even drink usually beer tend to like witbier. Stark Wheat is the only wheat beer that is produced in Indonesia, that is the assurance that You drink will be fresh and show its best features. Freshness is extremely important for this style of beer. What imported wheat beers can not have after several months of shipping from Europe. Cloudy, yeasty, fruity, spicy with a tingling bubbly citrusy "pomeloish" twist, just right for thorough refreshment in the hot local climate. Fermentation is managed in a special way so the beer will show hints of the taste of Jeruk Bali (the pomelo grown in Bali). Special spices are used during the brewing process like coriander, coming directly from the village markets of Bali. The first wheat/white beer of Indonesia, brewed by the only brewery of Bali. The natural yeast deposit is loaded with healthy vitamins and essential minerals, what You need under the Bali Sun! Shake the bottle gently halfway pouring to the glass for a creamy head and full cloudiness. Especially recommended for customers who don't really like beer. A good introductionary beer for new beer drinkers, because it is an easy fruity and not bitter beer. Strongly recommended optimal serving temperature: 0-2 C. Flavour experience is very much connected to the right temperature. Serving temperature recomendation 0-2 C Recommended meat : oilier greasier fried white meats (poultry, fish, seafood).

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