Launched in 1993, the Taste of Florida brand began to grow one account at a time, with Coastal Beverages blazing a trail across the Sunshine State, filling orders and spreading the word. After 12 years supplying customers in Florida with homegrown favorites, a new chapter in the Coastal Beverage story was written. With his feet in the sand and a Taste of Florida Pina Colada in his cup, a Budweiser wholesaler offered the opportunity for Taste of Florida to venture outside of Florida. Now enthusiasts from Miami to Washington State agree that a drink is missing some mojo without a little Taste of Florida mixed in. So why has Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers been such a success? The answer is simple. Instead of imitation, Coastal Beverages offers a product and an experience that is authentic; a taste of what life is truly like in Florida. We are committed to the customer, a relationship born of real fruit flavor and refreshing results every time it's mixed in the glass. With superior ingredients and an unbeatable price, Taste of Florida is the best choice to make when it comes to cooling down on a hot summer day. While the kitchen table may have been left behind, Coastal Beverages still holds true to the values that launched Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers. We embrace a laidback lifestyle and look forward to raising our glasses to our customers and reps for the next 21 years.

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