ABV - Alcohol by volume
4.2 %
The 5 lamps Dublin lager is a traditional Czech style pilsner. And while it is considered traditional in that part of the world it is a little different to the lagers we are used to here. For one it has a slightly more complex taste profile than the commercially produced lagers, with a biscuity malt flavour and some fruit notes. The bitterness which is provided by the hops, while a little higher than we are used to with the commercial lagers are still relatively soft and rounded and should be well within the comfort zone of most consumers. It has a slightly darker colour than mainstream lagers due to the caramalt we use and the touch of spice you might pick up on is courtesy of noble Saaz hops. Crisp and refreshing as all good lagers should be but with a little something more! 4.2% ABV

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