In May of 2006 Susan and Steve Knauss purchased the existing Twin Ports Brewing Co. This simple sentence gives insight to the simple approach that these two took in producing a wonderful company, Thirsty Pagan Brewing. Building on a firm foundation of pizza and beer, our two entrepreneurs quickly took a down and out location to a thriving destination. "We recognize our potential in focusing on just two things, pizza and beer. Do those two things correctly, and the world will come to us," says Steve Knauss; and obviously, they have. In February 2011, Gustave Axelson of the New York Times hit the road for a midwestern beer tour of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Axelson's tour included a stop at Thirsty Pagan, but you'll have to read the New York Times article to find out the rest. Just recently, Thirsty Pagan has celebrated their 9th year anniversary. "We continue to fine tune our well oiled machine, and look out for our next great adventure, just around the corner!" What that is, Steve would not elude to... However, with the Pagan's pizza and beer as their foothold on the restaurant community, we can only imagine what these folks may have up their sleeves.

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