ABV - Alcohol by volume
4.2 %
Bitter Ale We took our beloved session English ale and traditional British hopping adding our touch with an American dry-hopping for an explosive fruity citrus. Alcohol in% vol. 4.2 Fermentation: High fermentation, fermentation in bottles and in kegs Raw materials: Malt barley, hops and StyrianGolding Citra Serving suggestions: Excellent with grilled meats such as ham or the classic shoulder of San Secondo. delicate cow cheeses as a young Asiago or Cheddar. Perfect with an evening at the pub. Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C Glass: classical Pinta. Availability: Available all year. Sizes: Bottles 0,75 Lt. drums KeyKegda 30 Lt. Casks 4,5 and 9 Stripes for tapping of a fall or pump Condry Hopping (by reservation). Shelf life: 1 year from the date of bottling.

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