In 1988, Eric Miller, a Brooklyn entrepreneur in his early 20s, surveying the market in New York City was upset by the unreasonably expensive soft drinks available then. This is when it came to him the simple idea of an affordable and great tasting soft product. <br/><br/> With this newfound insight, he vowed to create a quality product, which was also affordable for his local NYC community. Here Tropical Fantasy was born, a light and fun drink at a price of 50 cents. It became an overnight success. <br/><Br> He later expanded the product line to include teas, juice cocktails, and lemonades. These are packaged in two sizes: 12 ounce cans and 22.5 ounce bottles. In Eric's words, Brooklyn Bottling Company delivers to consumers "product quality with an honest price." <br/><Br> As consumers became more health conscious, the company launched lemonades and juices with only 50 calories or less, per serving. Most recently launched an Aloe Vera Tropical Fantasy drink, spurred by the plant's healthy attributes and delicious taste. Aloe Vera Tropical Fantasy has a delicious taste, a modern upscale bottle and label designs. The drink is sold for an unbelievably affordable price of $1.00. <Br><Br> The Tropical Fantasy brand can be found today across 35 states and is sold through 60 distributors. As the brand evolves, the company's philosophy continues the same: "To provide American consumers with exciting beverages with great taste, exotic flavors and great value: quality and affordability. This is what Tropical Fantasy and the whole Brooklyn Bottling Company are about." - proudly says Eric Miller, Founder and owner.

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