The first reliable mention of beer being brewed in the town of Úntice is from the year 1557. In old chronicles it is written: "Back then, good beer was brewed by the canons in Úntice." <br/><Br> The brewery was most probably built in 1710. This deduction was made from the year chiseled out on the foundational pillar in the malting barn, where the brewery bar is located now. The owner of the brewery was the Metropolitan Chapter of Saint Vitus in Prague during most of the time, even though it was let throughout that time. The most prosperous were the years of the second half of the 19th century, when the leaseholder for 32 years was the chief brewer Alexandr Kottler. According to a survey of beer production of 10 breweries in Smíchov in 1897, Úntice Brewery was the third largest in the region and its annual production reached 21,600 hectoliters (the average production from that time was approximately 7,000 hectolitres of beer per year). It is also worth mentioning that the brewery of Úntice was already using a steam engine at the time. Historically, the brewery was in the possession of the pond to the west of the town from, which was used in the winter to obtain ice. The ice was then stored in the hillside near the back entrance to the compound. The chamber, measuring 8 x 25 m, was a reservoir of ice for at least one year. Water for the beer was drew from a well close to the ice-chamber. The rest of the water needed was supplied from a nearby pond through wooden piping. <br/><Br> Úntice brewed ale and dark beer, and it was shipped in both kegs and bottles - it had its quality and distinctive taste. The beer was drawn in the inns of Úntice (U Land and U Kejmar) and the bottled beer was sold U Nykodým. <br/><Br> Carting the beer to the neighbourhood was done by horse-drawn carriages and later by truck. Among the regular customers were the innkeepers of Materna in Vtruice, Vytasil and Steiner in Statenice, Petíek and Skalická in Vodochody, ermák and Egermajer in Tuchomice, Ddi, Kratochvíl and Vodika in alov, Gaisi and Kopecký in Suchdol, Horák and Petrlík in Horomice, Kozel in erný Vl, Reznerová in Holubice and Kláter Kapucín in Prague. It was said at the time, that the beer from Úntice was transported in the night to the famous restaurant in Smíchov - U Holub, where it was sold as genuine Pilsner beer.

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